Alba delle Janas

“Alba delle Janas” is a short film produced and shot entirely in Sardinia by the cultural association Muvis and by Renderingstudio. It was made using most recent shooting and 3D animation techniques combined with absolute philological rigour. The film’s strength is to inform while entertaining. The film narrates the story of Alba, a young archaeologist; it talks about her passion for her job and about the love for her land. While out on a scientific excursion, Alba comes into contact with the creatures of the fantastic world of Sardinian legends and tales. She travels through time and is drawn into a surreal and magical experience that allows her to live a unique adventure. Alba’s adventure leads to a highly fascinating and uncommon portrait of Sardinian culture, which interlaces the oral tradition of legends with the scientific knowledge about Sardinian prehistory. The short, which is the first of a trilogy, was shot on the mountains of Seulo, a small town in the Sardinian hinterland, inside a wonderful “Domus de Janas” (prehistoric grave dug in the rock), hidden in almost uncontaminated nature. The characters and the natural, still and animated elements that populate the production scenes come to life thanks to 3D character design and animation techniques. Another strength of the project is the original soundtrack that highlights and emphasizes the images, forging close links between them.

Corti freschi di Sardegna
Daniele Pagella
Associazione Culturale "MUVIS"