SIFF 2015: environmental impact reduced with the help of South Pole Group

The environmental impact of the 6th Skepto International Film Festival will be reduced with the help of South Pole Group. Skepto and South Pole Group have joined forces to measure and reduce the environmental impact of the festival. The reductions will include covering the CO2 emissions generated by the flights of the festival goers, the electricity used during the event as well as those related to the waste generated during the festival.

Skepto has committed to compensate its foreseen emissions by investing in one of South Pole Group’s leading projects, the Kariba Forestry project in Zimbabwe. This forest conservation project is aimed at providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for poor communities in Northern Zimbabwe, a region still suffering heavily from deforestation, poverty, and drought. Its aim is to reduce deforestation and forest degradation through a range of activities such as conservation farming, proposed by local communities and supported by carbon finance. The project is developed by the South Pole Group in accordance with the best industry standards and with a strong focus on sustainability and social benefits, in line with the core themes of Skepto Festival.

For more info please refer to the South Pole Group's website.