REVOLVÈR for SKEPTO presents: Solid Cinematik Projections

Sky and earth, clouds and stone tied by the light. The project comes from a dialogue between solidity and lightness, where prisms' materiality contrasts with a vanishing and geometric cloud floating in the air. Light becomes the installation's fundamental element, linking sky and earth, as it does in cinema, with the film to the screen. 
The contaminations between architecture, design and art, together with the exchanges of knowledge and visions, make Revolvèr's design multidisciplinary and beyond categories. Technics, technologies, creativity and above all, the study of spaces, co-exist in Revolvèr's projects. «Looking beyond the usual, to think the new» is one of Revolver's main goals: which means to regenerate objects and to re-think them besides the standards and their formal functions. Our structures and installations rest on involvement and interaction. The viewer and his perceptions are the cornerstone around which any project of ours takes shape.


Massimo Congiu Pierluigi Sanna Claudia Castangia +

Marcello Cualbu