Postsard: postcards from Skepto at Tirana International Film Festival

At 11th edition of Tirana International Film Festival (TIFF), the first and most important cinematographic event in Albania, organized by Albania Film Commission and Albania Art Institute, Sardinia is present with a screening entitled Postsard - Kartolina Nga Sardenja (Postcards from Sardinia) of five short films (L’arbitro by Paolo Zucca, Buio by Jacopo Cullin and Joe Bastardi , In nome de Diu molla by Matteo Antonelli, Deu ci sia by Gianluigi Tarditi, Io sono qui by Mario Piredda).

The screening of the Sardinian films at TIFF, that in its past edition featured guests like Theo Angelopoulous and Ken Loach, is a result of the partnership between the Albanian festival and Skepto International Film Festival. The collaboration with the festival of Tirana include the participation of Sergio Stagno, co-founder of Skepto, as a member of the international shot films jury.

Postsard - collaboration between Skepto and Tirana International Film Festival