Cupids imagines a world where behind every human who’s single and unattached there is an invisible, and often frustrated, cupid with the
job of finding that human a match. The film follows Arabella and Saraphel, two cupids who must team up and try to get their humans
talking in the brief time they are in the same place. But these two cupids make an unlikely pair: Arabella is one of the most experienced
and professional matchmakers in the field while Saraphel... is obsessed with rabbits.

The film begins when Arabella’s human, Claire, walks into a coffee shop where Saraphel’s human, Paul, is sitting alone reading a book.
Comparing notes the cupids realise their humans have the potential to be a good match for each other, they both have Sense of Humour (Type
B) and even complimentary self-doubts. This is encouraging as both cupids have struggled with their respective humans for quite some

However, the biggest challenge faced by all cupids is that humans these days only talk to strangers they know. After subtly steering
their two humans to sit together the cupids watch as Paul and Claire glance at each other, clearly interested, but then do precisely
nothing about it.

With Arabella just one couple away from retirement she is not prepared to let anything stop her. With the help of Saraphel the two cupids use
every trick they know and every piece of information they have to try and get their humans talking. It’s a race against time before Paul and
Claire leave the coffee shop and the chance of getting them together is gone forever.

Stile libero
Angelo Calarco
United Kingdom
Comedy, Fantasy
Angelo Calarco, Dylan Rees, Pilli Cortese
Richard Dunton
Josh Hutton
Jenny Delisle, Tiernan Douieb, Michelle Fahrenheim, Daniel Knight